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We are pleased to announce the next season for the Junior Rifle program at Nenameseck at the club facility located at 150 Bacon Road in Palmer, MA. The season will run for 16 consecutive Sundays beginning 03 November 2019 and completing on   23 February with an awards ceremony. This will include 2 meets with October Mountain Shooters of Lenox, MA, (one meet at their site and one at Nenameseck).

The program will include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Instruction in the safe handling and operation of firearms, (this will be stressed throughout the season),
  • Familiarization with the operation of the rifles,
  • Proper handling, posture, positioning, sight picture, trigger control, breathing, etc.,
  • Weekly range time, 60 shots, (3 position – 20 prone, 20 kneeling and 20 standing).

The purpose of the program is to teach precision rifle shooting, coaching young shooters the proper safe handling of firearms while recognizing shooters as they improve their own personal scores. This program is not a competitive event but rather an environment where each shooter is encouraged to improve their personal skills through education and practice.

The program cost is $250. It is open to all 14-20 year olds as long as they are able to support a rifle in the standing position. No previous experience with firearms is required. All equipment is provided including rifles and all safety equipment, (eye and ear protection), shooting mats, mitts, jackets, ammunition etc.

For more information please contact:

Bob Lamb at blamb@nenameseck.com

Don Sprowl at dsprowl@nenameseck.com


Thank you.



Junior Rifle Season 2018-2019

The Jr Rifle Program would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to the following area businesses that have generously purchased a sign in our indoor range to help finance the modernization and growth of the program.

Bertera Chevy – Palmer
Bruso’s Liquors – Ware, Palmer, Barre, Granby
Communication Installation Service – Ware
Cluett’s – Ware, Ludlow
Desantis Garage – Ware
Dioguardi Jewelers – Ware
Energy Savers of America – Palmer, Springfield
Nick’s Sport Shop – Palmer
Rose Industries, Inc. – Palmer
Steaming Tender Restaurant – Palmer

We would also like to thank Edward Jones Investments of Palmer and Moulton Insurance of Ware and Palmer for their generous donations.


Junior Rifle – Jan. 6th,2019 – Photo Slideshow
Nenameseck vs. October Mountain Shooters




Junior Rifle – Feb. 10th,2019 – Photo Slideshow
Nenameseck vs. October Mountain Shooters



Junior Rifle – March 10th, 2019 – Awards Banquet Video


Junior Rifle Updates 2019 Season
For questions: Contact Bob Lamb


Junior Rifle Class Notes for the 2018-2019 Season (Download)


Week 1 – Orientation

Week 2 – The Shot Process

Week 3 – The Prone Position

Week 4 – Trigger Control & Follow Through

Week 5 – The Kneeling Position

Week 6 – The Standing Position

Week 7 – Competitive Notes & Prep

Week 9 – Links to Rifle Shooting Videos

Week 10 – Observations

Week 14 – The Standing Position

Junior Rifle Scores for the 2018-2019 Season

Scores for Sunday, 3/3/2019

        Congratulations to Kylee Julian for finishing the season with a new personal high score of 466 and also to Billy Methot for his all-time personal high score of 382!! Great job!!

Scores for Sunday, 2/24/2019

Congratulations to 2 shooters that beat their all time high scores-
Alex Otte 482
Shaun Buteau 369
Excellent work!

Scores for Sunday, 2/17/2019


Scores for Sunday, 2/3/2019

We are all proud of our Nenameseck shooters who did so well this Sunday, in our final match with October Mountain. We are especially proud to announce that we had 2 shooters who beat their all time high scores…
Esther Merchant 393
Mike Polak 386
Top awards for Sunday Feb 10…
Winning Club – October Mountain with 62% of total score
Overall top score – David Clark of October Mountain with 493
1st Place Sub Jr – Mike Polak of Nenameseck with 386
2nd Place Sub Jr – Juliane Kelper of October Mountain with 358
3rd Place Sub Jr – Kadyn Graham of October Mountain with 259
1st Place Intermediate Jr – David Clark of October Mountain with 493
2nd Place Intermediate Jr – Kylee Julian of Nenameseck with 448
3rd Place Intermediate Jr – Allie Cook of October Mountain with 443


Scores for Sunday, 2/3/2019

Shaun Buteau shot a new all-time high score of 362,
Grace Ann Kelley shot an all-time high score of 322,
Peyton Lee Kelley shot an all-time high score of 246,
Scott Kustra shot an all-time high score of 211,
Billy Methot shot an all-time high score of 342,
Stephanie Wenzel shot an all-time high score of 252.

We are so proud of how well all the shooters did this week. Keep up the great work.

Next week we meet with October Mountain shooters in Lenox, MA.


Scores for Sunday, 1/27/2019

Congratulations to the following shooters who shot their best score to date:

Alex Bessette   145
Billy Methot   324 (Billy earned a spot on the Wall of Fame)
Stephen O’Brien   132
Jaylyn Thadison   221
Also, Shaun Buteau tied his best score to date of 345.
Great job shooters!

Scores for Sunday, 1/13/2019


Scores for Sunday, 1/6/2019
Nenameseck vs. October Mountain Shooters

Our congratulations go out to our Nenameseck shooters:

  • Mike Polak    2nd Place-Sub Jr    Score: 335
  • Scott Kustra    3rd Place-Sub Jr    Score 193
  • Kylee Julian    2nd Place-Int Jr    Score 443
  • Alex Otte        3rd Place Int Jr    Score 429 – This is a new all time personal high score for Alex!!!

Great job by all.

Scores for Sunday, 12/16/2018


Scores for Sunday, 12/9/2018

Scores for Sunday, 12/2/2018