New Memberships

Thank you for your interest in applying for membership in the Nenameseck Sportsmen’s Club.


There are only six steps required before you can start enjoying full access to our facilities:

  1. Complete Online Application – Click Here – New member dues are listed on the application and will be collected during the checkout process. 
    1. We do not pro-rate memberships. Online New memberships signups close at the beginning of December  & Reopen at the beginning of Feburary for the next season.
    2. All memberships are to be renewed by March 31st or by the April Annual Meeting.
    3. We do not offer refunds unless you are not voted in by the members or only under extreme circumstances deemed by the board at a board meeting at which you should be present to present your case. No refunds will be honored after 30 days or after a monthly club meeting has occured. (Whichever comes first.)
    4. Expired memberships of more than 30 days, you will be required to complete the new member process.
  2. You Must Read the Club Bylaws – Click Here
  3. You Must Read the Clubs Rules – Click Here
  4. Complete Online Club Orientation Part 1 – Click Here before the next Monthly Meeting.
    1. This streamlines the long process to a 1-night event.
    2. We do offer alternative longer club orientation for walk-ins and other unable to complete the online portion.
  5. You MUST attend the Monthly Club Meeting (1st Tuesday of Every Month at 7:00pm) Click to See Event Calendar
  6. You MUST attend the Club Orientation Part 2 (LIVE Demonstration) at the end of the Monthly Meeting. (8pm-9pm)
    1. Bring a firearm your comfortable with and 5-6 rounds of ammo in a locked case.


            The club by-laws require that the attending club members at the monthly meetings to vote in all new members. It also gives members a chance to get to meet you as well. The monthly club meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month starting at 7:00PM and last for about an hour. After the meeting, you will be required to stay for the LIVE FIRE demonstration from 8pm-9pm. you will only have full access to the club once all these steps are completed. 

            You will also complete your online club orientation class (New Members) prior to the club meeting. You will not be given access to the club until you have successfully completed the online club orientation class. All family members that will be using the club are required to take the class.There will be no refunds after payment of dues for the year. It is your responsibility to complete all steps and be present at the club meeting.

            New members may join anytime throughout the year. If you are joining partway thru the year the full years dues will be charged and you will still be required to renew April 1st.

Membership Dues

  • Single: $140
  • Family: $175
  • Junior: $55
  • Guest: $130

An Initiation fee of $20.00 is also charged for all new members or members whose membership has expired, plus a $3 fee for each key card. (One key card for single membership, two maximum for a family membership will be issued)