Membership Renewal Application

 Application  for Membership Renewals for the Year 2021 

The term of membership is from April 1st to March 31st. Members failing to pay their dues by the April Meeting of each year will forfeit their membership. Subsequent application for renewal shall be handled as a new applicant, unless in the opinion of the Membership Chairperson, extenuating circumstances warrant membership renewal.


Renewal Membership Fees

Single Membership Renewal: $140 + $5 Processing Fee.
Family Membership Renewal: $175 + $5 Processing Fee.
Junior Membership Renewal: $55 + $2 Processing Fee.
Guest Membership Renewal: $130 + $4 Processing Fee.
Senior Single Membership Renewal: $110 + $4 Processing Fee.
Senior Family Membership Renewal: $145 + $5 Processing Fee

The processing fees allow us to offer online membership renewal using credit card payment processors. Without charging the processing fees the impact would be significant to our organization. Thank you! We hope to see all of you in 2021!

  • ATTENTION: Please fill out all your information accurately as this information will be bulk transferred to our membership spreadsheet, and will also be transferred for bulk renewal mailings and bulk printing of membership cards next year.
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2021 Membership Renewals is now closed. You will now have to join as a New Member.