HD4420 Bill

Massachusetts Legislature Publishes New Proposed Gun Bill

“The Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act”

Everyone in the 2A Community Needs to take Action Now!


GOAL Letter 3 Represenatative (PDF)

GOAL Letter 2 Speaker (PDF)

GOAL Letter 1 Senate (PDF)

Spread the word and encourage your family, friends, your local gun club, firearms dealers, hunters, law enforcement, gun enthusitsts, and the general public to oppose the HD4420 Legislation as this will affect every single one of us. Don’t sit on your hands and let others tell you that this will never pass because it could and then what? Send out these letters to oppose this new “unconstitutional” proposed legislation.

Riding Shotgun with Charlie Cook and Nenameseck Sportsmen’s Club President Calvin Cieslak discussing HD4420 – July 16th, 2023

Goal Director John Pajak and Nenameseck Sportsmen’s Club Member discussing HD4420 – July 16th, 2023


GPS LOCATION: 75 West Ware Road, Palmer, MA

Feel free to spread the word and bring non-members, members of other local rod & gun clubs, sportsmen’s club and gun clubs, friends and family.


If you know of a location doing  petitions, let us know and we will add them here to get the word out to others.


Check out the Links below for loads of information from GOAL about HD.4420 and how this new proposed legislation will affect you!



Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act

Everyone in the 2A Community Needs to take Action Now!


Video Address from GOAL’s Executive Director on HD.4420:


Update on the bills’ Progress:

  • 6/26/2023: The bill was filed, and because it was a “late file” bill it was referred the House Committee on Rules.
  • 6/26/2023: The bill was immediately released from the House Committee on Rules with no known committee vote.
  • 6/26/2023: In an informal session, with no roll cal vote, the rules were suspended  and the House referred the bill to the Joint Committee on Rules.
  • 6/26/2023: The House tried to suspend the rules again and refer the bill to the committee on The Judiciary, Chairman Day’s committee.
  • 7/10/2023: The Senate did not agree to send the bill to The Judiciary (called a “non-concurrence) and referred to the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • This leaves the bill in a temporary hold until the Speaker and Senate President can agree where it is going.

It is time to ramp up the fight against historical anti-civil rights bill:

Here are some things you can do:

  • Make absolutely sure your friends, family and local club knows how serious this is. Share this informational flyer!
  • Ask your club to begin preparations to bus members in when a hearing is announced. (We may only get a day’s notice)
  • It is critical that you share Print out GOAL’s summary with your legislators to make sure they actually know what is really happening.
  • Contact your local State Representative and Senator directly. Don’t rely on automated “click here” systems. They are completely ineffective.
  • Make your phone call, letter, email a short personal story about how the bill will effect you. A few hand written sentences are tremendously potent.

Talking points – there is no need to get into the nitty gritty of the bill since it is impossible to fix!

  • The summary provided to the legislature does not represent what the bill would actually do to lawful citizens. The legislature is being intentionally misled by Chairman Day and Speaker Mariano!
  • If this becomes law, about 10% of the Commonwealth’s population would become criminals and enemies of the state overnight.
  • The bill is so egregious that it is impossible to amend, so don’t tr
  • If the bill does come to the House floor, you should leave the chamber in protest to send a clear message to the Speaker that you will not take any part in doing this to your constituents.
  • Nothing in the bill addresses violent crime, mental health, or suicide.
  • Everyone who attended the “listening tour”, including Chairman Day, stated repeatedly that licensed gun owners are not the problem. This bill totally reflects the opposite.
  • This will ring the dinner bell for violent criminals to flock to Massachusetts; because we will all be defenseless, including domestic violence victims, the elderly, people of marginalized communities, and even off duty law enforcement. Everyone’s safety in the Commonwealth will be compromised!

NEWS: Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association releases internal report on HD.4420

GOAL’s Podcast on the bill: